Salon restaurant – the art of fine dining

Salon restaurant is doubly exceptioal amongst its circle of exclusive peers in Budapest, as it’s not only a venue for fine dining, the rarified field where art meets gastronomy, but also an architectural singularity due to its splendid location within the confines of the Most Beautiful Cafe in the world. Salon restaurant is art, history and grandeur incarnate. Wolf András head chef and his team ensure that each and every meal served up in the restaurant meets their set of exacting gastronomical and  aesthetic standards.


The essence of fine dining  lies not in quantity but quality and mastery of presentation. Because of this, meals served up here can easily consist of as many as seven or eight courses, creating a layered experience of flavour essences that will culminate in a state of bliss that will linger for some time. This experience is in a class of its own. Matchless and sensual, to be tried at least once in a lifetime.

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However, Salon restaurant does not only cater to devotees of fine dining. It’s also ideal for business dinners, romantic evenings, or even family get-togethers, be they occasioned by an engagement, a birthday, or an important meeting of any kind.

If you aim to bedazzle your parents, partner, boss, or friends, then Salon restaurant should be your first go-to every time.

New Year’s Eve sample menu in Salon Restaurant

New Year’s Eve is also set to be celebrated with a special new range of meals, which will be served to an accompaniment of live music – the perfect choice for those who wish to clink glasses at midnight with an extra touch of class.
Cold goose liver
Sweet potato soup with sour cream and crayfish
St. Jacques scallop with iberico and caviar
Pigeon breast with celery and lentil(s)?
Ginger flavoured pumpkin sorbet
Saddle of venisson with mulberry flavoured potato and red cabbage
Cheese from manufactory of Molnár János
Casino mocca coffee dessert 


Wines for the menu

Somlói Juhfark – Somlói Apátsági Winery – 2013 10 cl
Etyek-Budai Rajnai Rizling Bátyus – Szentesi Winery – 2012 10 cl
Tokaji Percze Furmint – Szent Tamás Winery – 2012 10 cl
Badacsonyi Tabunello – 2HA Vineyards and Winery – 2011 10 cl
Villányi Syrah – Sauska Winery – 2009 10 cl
Tokaji Késői Furmint Öreg Király dűlő – Barta Winery – 2010 10 cl
Casino coffee filter 10 cl

The Salon restaurant
9-11 Erzsebet korut, Budapest, 1073

Open: Tuesday-Saturday 6pm-12pm

Closed : from 10.08.05. until 24.08.05.

Phone: +36 1 8866 167


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