New Hungaricums – 2014

New Hungaricums – 2014

The Hungaricum Committee has added six new national treasures to the “priority national values” categorized into the Hungarian Value Collection and four more to the Collection of Hungaricums. – declared by Sándor Fazekas, the Minister of Rural Development, the chief of the decision-making committee in Tápiószentmárton.

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The Hungaricum Committee has enriched the two lists with emblematic cultural, architectural, gastronomic, economical, engineer and agricultural values that can show the achievements of the Hungarian nation – said by Sándor Fazekas on a press conference held in the Kincsem Equestrian.


The six new elements of the Hungarian Value Collection

1.      the spiritual heritages of count István Széchenyi

2.      the Cultural District of Zsolna

3.       Károly Gundel’s gastronomical and catering heritages including the Gundel Restaurant

4.      the classical Hungarian folk songs

5.      the artistic and traditionalist achievements of the “100 tagú cigányzenekar” (hundred membered gypsy band)

6.      the “Ilcsi” beauty herbs, natural cosmetics

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The 4 new elements of the Collection of Hungarikums

1.      lace from Kiskunhalas

2.      Kürt Datasaving

3.      paprika powder from Kalocsa

4.      the folk art of Kalocsa (especially the writing, broidering and the daubing)


The committee has invited the tender of the collection, popularization, familiarization, conservation and caring of the national values and Hungarikums. The government devoted 144 million Forints for this purpose.

(More information: MTI (2014)