Mr Goulash and the pig slaughter – hungarian traditions

Mr. Goulash loves the pig slaughters. In his childhood, in the Jászság (a part of the Hungarian Great Plain) his grandparents regularly had pig slaughters. It was a buzz for the whole family; the surrounding days of Katalin’s day (25 November) was one of the most anticipated times of the year – to be together again.

Best Hungarian Cookery Book

This is why that was no question to shoot a video one in this theme too; we have just waited for the perfect time. Safi (László Safranyik), who we have met in the Goulash festival in Szolnok, these magical words has been said during the cooking: “Guys, if we are cutting at Besenyszög, at home, come, join to us!” So, we went there, and that was a good decision!

Pig singeing

The whole day was a great treat, and of course it has been done as usual in these kind of events: scorching, opening up the pig, breakfast (with newly cooked liver and blood with onion), and at the end of the processing, and the day too, the freshly cooked black pudding, sausage, the fantastic orja soup (made from the vertebral of the pig), stuffed cabbage, cookies, and god knows how many fantastic foods have been waited for the tired workers and guests.

Abálás: szalona crating method

On the top of all, Melinda Molnár, the leader of the local Vehiculum-house was very helpful, so we could have worked on the yard of this beautiful museum. In the house bring back the memories of the peasant lifestyle of Besenyszög, the area of Szolnok, and the Hungarian Great Plain by an ethnographic and historical collection. We suggest it to everyone!

Hurka and Kolbasz

By the way, if we were there, we tried to utilize from this location as much as possible, so during the pig slaughter we have been shot a video clip too. The band Bodri és a miskakancsó is going to come our with their first recordings, they are covering well known folk songs in ska style with live instruments.

primary commodity of szalonna

We are going to share a video from the recorded stuff, until then: we with a lot of black pudding for everyone who loves it!

Bodri és a Miskakancsó – Hungarian pig party soundtrack / disznóvágás (ska-folk-rock)