Beautiful, exclusive table accessories from Hungary

In a small Hungarian village, within the workshop of a family business, wide variety of excellent paper table accessories and decorations are made from the ideas of Beáta Veszely, Hungarian designer since 2011. The products are recognized by the Hungarian handicrafts and design business, they are inevitable parts of the spread tables of special, unique events.

In this article the designer will be asked about the secrets of these special products by the editors of the The products can be purchased in the’s webshop – Click here!


Beautiful, exclusive table accessories from Hungary

Please introduce briefly this special family business to the readers.

We have started our family business in 2011 to design and make products, those can be wonderful accessories of a spread table.

Beside the classical shapes and motives it is important to us to show Hungarian motives in contemporary context. Our goal is to bring the values in qualities and style that we consider European and Hungarian in every our products.

We use the best quality papers for our products, it can be creative cardboard, or recycled paper. During the making besides the modernity we keep in mind that the product and the procedure must be as environmentally friendly as possible. Thanks to the high standards of our products, they could be recycled and we give prominence to the quality assurance.

The products can be purchased in the’s webshop – Click here!

flowered-cake-stand-3In the supply special paper table accessories and decorations could be found. These creations are beautiful ornaments of the table one by one. Where the idea did came from and how the different designs-plans are born?

I liked that how the pre-war graphics in London have remained these days. I have been impressed by the high standards of the most inconsiderable disposable objects. I would like to use these experiences in Hungary to enrich this little piece of our culture with using the unique Hungarian motives and to transmit the values of Hungary that is ours and cannot be found anywhere else to the world.


These products are necessary and exclusive accessories of different events. Which events do you make them for and which are the most favorite creations?

We make them for the most different celebrations from the weddings, balls, to the Christmas or the birthday family tableware. The biggest experience during the design is when a traditional Hungarian motive seems well in a contemporary surrounding. The gastronomy is an interesting category, because it is one of the most important parts of the culture, and it is very important to eat at a beautifully set table. I believe that we, the Hungarians have an important part in the gastronomy through the history. We don’t have to go down in history too much; it is enough to think about the Herend porcelains, which are in the top in its category. For us, the Hungarian women, is really matters how we set the table even for a Sunday lunch, or a more serious program.

The products can be purchased in the’s webshop – Click here!


In the supply we can find countless beautiful and exciting motives. Introduce some of these specialties to the readers of!

For example a little bird can be found many times, which is a returning motive of the Korond motives from Transylvania. This is a very characteristic and very simple shape; it has been evolved through the centuries. This little bird is a perfect and very nice motive, which makes the set more spectacular, and brings a little piece of our history with itself. It is not necessary to think about these entire things when somebody slices the cake on his or her “Korondi Madaras” (Korond style bird motive) cake holder, but these things among with others (it cannot be described in a few lines) are in these products, in this collection.

Maybe the world famous Halasi lace’s motives can be traced back even further in the history. I really enjoy mixing these ancient motives with the newest technologies, for example with laser cutting, and bring something really old to our days.

cupcake-wrap-3The costumers can find some really special collections. Which of these are the most popular, most exciting?

It depends on the venue, the occasion, the season. In summer, in the wedding season the cupcake papers and holders, before Christmas, the Halas deer motive products and cake holders are the most popular.

The products can be purchased in the’s webshop – Click here!