Abundance platter in János Vitéz style

The following foods are became the part of our abundance platter

  • whole grilled chicken
  • homemade black pudding and sousage
  • brassói roast
  • grilled leg of pork with skin and bone covered with boneless clod
  • ühüm / also called as slambuc: old one-course dish from the Hortobágy /
  • homemade mixed pickles
  • ördögmártás / “devil sauce” /
  • french salad
  • Hungarian risotto, fried potatoes as side dish

Preparation of the food:

Grilled chicken:

Clean the chicken properly, wipe it dry, and then souse it with cooking oil, and season it with instant marinade, but the mixture of salt, pepper, garlic powder, curcuma, paprika, some thyme, rosemary, Vegeta will do either. Keep it in fridge until cooking, then skewer it and put it into the rotating grill. Souse it frequently with its own spicy grease during the cooking.

Black pudding, sausage:

If possible, use the homemade seasoned, the self-made is an advantage. When cooking, pay attention to prevent the bursting of the sausage. To prevent, stab carefully the sausage and the black pudding with a thin peaked fork or with a two-peaked meat turner (if possible) before cooking, so the grease will easily flow off on the holes and it won’t burst the skin.

Brassói roast:

The pork clod is the most suitable for this meal from the meats. The ingredients for 1 kg fried potatoes: 0.6 kg clod, 1 medium sized onion, 6-8 clove of garlic, salt, pepper, a bit of paprika. After cleaning the potato, chop them onto 2-3 cm sized cubes. First, roast the navy cut onion on LARD, add some salt, and then add the navy cut garlic. On this mixture, sear the clod, until it becomes white, add the pepper, stir it, and add water to cover the whole well. Boil on huge fire; let the water vaporize for some times. Meanwhile this, salt and pepper the mixture a few times, and then add the garlic.

You can judge if the meat is ready with tasting. If it is ready, add a bit paprika for the colour and with constant stirring, let the mixture sear to its grease. Mix the fried potatoes with the meat and its juice and taste it. If we seasoned the meat well and it is enough for the potato too, it is ready. If not, add some salt in the end, and stir it well to mix the taste.

Grilled pork leg and clod

The grilled pork leg is a circa 2.5 cm thin pork hind leg meat with skin and bones, the clod slices are boneless. The seasoning is the same as the grill chicken had. There are many types of excellent marinades, but if you can do a home-made marinade, do as we have written at the chicken recipe, but for the pork, be sure to add some quality mustard. In this case, mix the oil, the mustard, and the seasonings in advance. Don’t be scared of the mustard: for 1 dl oil, add at least 1 tablespoon. The preparation of the meat: scarify the meat 1 cm deep in every 2-3 centimetres. Cut the nerves too. Do the same with the clod, but avoid the scarifying, because the clod is skinless. In this case cut only the nerves, so you can avoid the shrinking of the meat during the cooking. Daub the meat with the marinade. If you use homemade marinade, store the meat in fridge for 2-3 days before cooking. If you use a bought one, do it the way it is written in the prescriptions. Roast it red on grill, or even in sheet.


0.5 kg potato, 0.25 kg lebbencs (a kind of paste in Hungary), or egg barley, 0.2 kg smoked bacon, 2 medium sized onion, 1 big tablespoon paprika, salt, pepper and piquant green capsicum to taste. Preparation: You can do it from lebbencs or from egg barley. If I make it from lebbencs, I chop the potatoes into circles, when I use egg barley, I cut them into dices. Chop the smoked bacon into dices, and start to roast. When half-ready, add the lebbencs or egg barley, and keep roasting. After a few minutes, add the navy chopped onion and roast again. When the pasta becomes beautifully yellow with brown edges during the constant stirring on big fire, add the properly chopped potato, and add water to cover the whole at least two finger thin. Salt and pepper it, add the paprika and spicy paprika to taste.

Boil it on big flame until the boiling, after that use only medium fire with the regular moving of the kettle. Do not stir it! Control the state of preparation with tasting, mainly if you use egg barley. If it is needed, recover the water, but keep in mind, that the paste must soak up all the water. The ühüm is ready, when the mixture becomes one big mass, and you can turn over the whole in one piece. This movement is only recommended for skilled kettle users.

We prepare the side dishes, the sauce and the French salad, but I won’t write down their preparations, they are well known for everybody.

Serve the meals on a wooden platter, and let the feast begin. We hope you will enjoy your meal! I think this collected menu is very suitable for 15-20 people in the summer. The reason could be anything: birthday, amble, etc.

The rank we achieved with this meal: The special prize of the cooking contest in the village day of Szajol, Hungary.

(Sent by: Zoltán Fábi – János Vitéz Cooking Team )