Hungarian bean goulash in János Vitéz style

Recipes of the János Vitéz cooking team: Hungarian bean goulash in János Vitéz style

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With this recipe we have earned the gold classification of the young masters of goulash cooking.

As we cook the foods is big quantities and portions, we let the recipe users divide the rates. These ingredients are for an abundant 50 person portion.

Hungarian bean goulashThe ingredients for this quantity are about:

   – 2 kg beef shank

   – 4 kg clod

   – 2 kg smoked-boiled pork rib end

   – 1.5 kg dry haricot bean

   – 2 kg dry pinto bean

   – 2 kg carrot

   – 2 kg turnip

   – 1 kg celery

   – 2 kg onion

   – 4 pieces big tomato

   – 4 pieces big capsicum

   – 1 kg pork fat

   – 1 kg “csipetke” pasta or egg barley

   – 4 big garlic

   – salt, pepper, red paprika, grained cumin

Hungarian bean goulash in János Vitéz style

Water both of the beans for 10-12 hours, wash and pick over them properly at least 4-5 times the night before boiling.  Chop the smoked rib end at 3-4 cm sized cubes, and water them the night before too. Remove the nerves from the shank, and chop them into 2-3 cm sized cubes to taste. Chop the clod to the same size. Chop the onion, the tomato and the capsicum into very little cubes and the celery into 2-3 cm cubes.

Hungarian bean goulash

Boil the fat and add the chopped onion Discover More. Add a little salt immediately, so the onion won’t burn, and lets its juice out earlier. Cook them in the onion’s juice for a long time; it could be even 20-30 minutes long. Then add the capsicum and almost immediately the tomato, and salt them again.

Cook them for 10-20 minutes with constant stirring on small fire, and add the rib end that has been watered the night before, and stir it properly on a little bigger fire. Add the 2/3 of the paprika and stir with it again, and add water to cover it all. Cook it again for 20 minutes. Then add the shank and water it again to cover the whole stuff and add a little salt, pepper, and cumin. When boiling again, add both of the beans, stir it properly, water again them to cover and add the spices to let the bean to take the flavor of them: salt, pepper, cumin, and press the garlic into it. If it boils again, after 10-20 minutes, you can add the clod too.

After cooking it about an hour on medium fire, taste the soup, and check the bean’s condition. If it is tasteless, spice it immediately because the bean takes out from the taste of a lot of spices.

Hungarian bean goulash

Check the condition of the meat too, but it is advised to do it with only with a fork. If it is in 60-70% ready, add the celery, then after 10-20 minutes, add the carrot and the turnip. Cook it 10 more minutes add the csipetke and boil it to ready. In the last 20-30 minutes you can reach the perfect flavor with checking the taste constantly, as the ingredients are keep taking the taste of the spices constantly, you can season it constantly with austere flavoring until the last second of cooking.

(Submitter: Zoltán Fábi)

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