“Ilona Stüberl”, Vienna’s Historic Hungarian Restaurant

If one would like to dine in the heart of Vienna among Hungarian decor of Kalocsa with a soft background of Hungarian music, this is the place. If one would like to taste traditional Hungarian dishes, such as Jokai Beansoup, Cabbage Rolls, Szekler Gulyas, Transylvanian Woodenplate or any other Hungarian specialty, you will find the place two minutes from Stephansplatz, in a quiet side street called Bräunerstrasse.

Immediately, above the entrance to number 2, you will notice the Hungarian tricolour with the name “Ilona” in its center and Stüberl underneath. This winsome sign immediately attracts the passers-by that they are welcome with typical Hungarian hospitality and great repasts.

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The owner, as hostess, Maria Fodor, frequently escorts the guests to their tables. Likewise, the smiling waiters/waitresses are pleasant, who are all Hungarians. However, the menus are in nine languages: German, Hungarian, English, French, Italian, Chinese, Slovak, Japanese and Russian. It is not an exaggeration that this is Vienna’s oldest Hungarian and well-established restaurant. It was opened in 1957.

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Even its atmosphere is unique, with Kalocsa’s motifs everywhere. Hand embroidered tablecloths, hand painted spice holders, and on the walls, hand painted art objects, plates and photographs honouring ancestors.

While the guests are sipping their Sopron Beer or Couvee of Szekszard, unobtrusively operetta arias, chansons and evergreen tunes remind them that soon a great special meal is coming their way. Should they taste Mushroom Paprikas with sour cream, Letcho with Chicken, or Veal Goulash, the flavours will immediately make them feel that they are in Hungary.

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The guests while leaving, usually express their appreciation to the staff and promise to definitely come back soon. This small Hungarian restaurant has a great past. It is centrally located and easily accessible in a quiet street. The owner, Maria Fodor wholeheartedly keeps to old traditions for the past 28 years. So it is not accidental that ”Ilona Stüberl Restaurant” is so popular that it has become the favourite for so many from all corners of the world.
And those of us of Hungarian background, makes especially proud.

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Address: 1010 Wien, Bräunerstrasse 2.
Tel.: (+43 1) 533 90 29
Fax: (+43 1) 533 90 29 6
Hours open:
Monday to Sunday: 11.30–23.00 hours (no day ever closed)
Kitchen open until 22.00 hours

Varga Gabriella
Translated into English by George Telch Prof. Emeritus, Toronto, Canada.