Aggtelek National Park

The Aggtelek Karst is rich in countless natural treasures. Created in 1985, it was the first protected area in Hungary brought into existence for the purpose of protecting inanimate natural values, namely the extensive karst cavern systems of the region. The national park was added as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995.

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Approximately 300 caves are located in the Aggtelek Karst. Among the best known is the 25 km long Baradla Cave – the second longest cave in the country. In fact, it stretches across the border well into Slovakia! The famous cave is immensely rich in drip stone and stalagmite formations.

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Visitors on the Baradla Cave Aggtelek Short Tour are treated to a light and music show in the enormous Concert Hall. Classical and popular music concerts, as well as weddings are regularly held in the Concert Hall, taking advantage of the chamber’s excellent acoustics.

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Visitors on the Baradla Cave Jósvafő Short Tour or Vörös-tó (Red Lake) Intermediate Tour experience music in the spectacular Hall of Giants. In addition, five other caves are open to tourists, offering guided excursions suitable for both young families and those desiring a more extreme adventure.

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Please see our website for regularly scheduled tour times for the Baradla, Imre Vass and Rákóczi Caves; or to make an advanced booking for one of our extreme tours at the Baradla, Béke (Peace), Meteor or Kossuth Caves.

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In Jósvafő, one will find Hungary’s only gene bank and stud farm for hucul horses. The horses are available for riding lessons, guided treks and carriage rides. The area boasts many historical and cultural monuments, such as the ruins of Szád Castle, the Medieval Pauline Church and Monastery in Martonyi, and the Magtart Arts Granary in Bódvaszilas – which is Central Europe’s only natural arts center. Whatever you choose to see in the national park, it promises to be an unforgettable experience.

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