Cozombolis covered an old hungarian soldier song

Cozombolis Leonidász Péter is a succesful hungarian pop artist in Hungary for already 6 years. After having 2 albums, 11 videoclips, and hundreds of shows recently he covered an old hungarian soldier song unically in the Hungarian pop music.

He made an unique clip to the song. The shooting of the major scenes took place in Cozombolis’ hometown, Szolnok, in a more than a hundred years old fishing house what nowadays operates as a memorial house of the local folklore. The singer has been masked onto an old man by a professional masking group. In the role he remembers the old good times. An another true sight of Szolnok also apperars in the video: the recently inaugurated Tiszavirág-bridge which is the longest pedestrian bridge of Central-Europe.

The Mr. asked the singer about the importance of the traditions and the feedbacks to the track.

„Well, we haven’t made a song like this before” – started Cozombolis. „The whole story began months ago, when we heard that, after many years, Szolnok’s soccer team has made his way to the first class of Hungary’s football league. I also played as a goalkeeper so I became uplifted and I wanted to write a song about this. During the songwriting it came up, why shoudn’t we cover the „Jászkunsági gyerek vagyok” (I’m a kid from Jászkunság) as we born and grown up in this area. In fact, this isn’t really a sport song, but it’s very breezy, and it’s also appropriate to highlight our love to our hometown/county and our togetherness.

Of course it seemed to be a very weird idea, as we are in a different style, but as the time passed, we really got familiar with this job. Otherwise we only used one verse from the folk song, that became the chorus. Anyway, we made a whole new lyrics and music to it.

We hope that the kids from younger ages are come to know this old song, as we think it is important to care about the traditions.