Hungarian handmade custom bags with lots of love

Love with bags. Absolutely unique pieces – personal wish from your dream creation is possible.


Aranka Bandula:

“My passion of stitching started 20 years ago, which became my occupation during the years. I studied marketing but the many years of practice of stitching took me a different path of life and by know I run my own bag brand. Beside of designing bags, also branding is extremely exciting task for me.

hungarian handmade bags

Producing bags provides me a special meditative status which puts me an incredibly unrifled phase. In order to reach this status I compose every day and I spend couple of hours on designing and stitching as well. I enjoy the total freedom on structural design of bags, however the starting point is always the textile, the texture and markings of materials.

I produce without any pattern, the contrast that i love selected upon my intuitions. I work with different materials such as leatherette, African canvas, Indian coffee sacks even traditional Hungarian embroideries too. I rather prefer manufacture instead of mass production since every bag is different and unique.

hungarian handmade bags

Hungarian handmade bags

I like transmit traditions therefore when the traditional Hungarian handmade embroideries – made by grandmothers – provided by my clients, that represent something different, something more valuable. The unused covers, pillowslips stay alive but with different functionality.

The embroiled textiles have some undefined special value due to the hours spent on them during their production. They have vibrant histories, not to mention their symbolic meaning. These things are discoverable on African textiles that I also use.”