Hungarian dog breeds – Hungarian Vizsla with heart of gold

The shorthaired Hungarian Vizsla attracts immediate attention merely by its appearence. Because of that velvet-shiny baguette yellow coat it is often called ”the golden Vizsla”. Not only its colour is golden, but even its heart is of gold. It is a reliable, kind family member and also a unique versatile hunting companion. But the first thing people get mesmerized by is its eyes, the look in its eyes. That expression with almost human intelligence. The eyes are the mirror of the soul, they say. Once somebody has looked into those enchanting amber brownish Vizsla-eyes will never forget it.

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This year, 2016, it is 80 years ago the first official standard was accepted for the Hungarian Vizsla. The international cynologic organization, the FCI, acknowledged the breed as nr 57 in August 1954. Today there are almost 400 acknowledged dogbreeds. This – among other things – shows that the shorthaired Hungarian Vizsla is one of the oldest breeds. The breed has gone through some changes during the centuries concerning as well its appearance as its temperament, but there are some certain values which are never to change, values that make true Hungarian Vizsla of a dog.


These are its french roll yellow colour (and its different shades), the noble, elegant appearance, especially concerning its head, its fantastic intelligence (they are ranked among the ten most intelligent dog breeds in the world), its devotion to humans, its working quality: one Vizsla alone does the work of almost all other gundog breeds in water, forest or field as well and still is not a hunting maniac who works for itself – it works for the owner and only when the owner desires it – and then there is its famous soft mouth when retrieving, the retrieving which it is born with, have naturally and genetically. It never hurts the game. It does not run away.

Hungarian Vizsla

Its search-range is not more than some hundreds of meters, unless it is sent to fetch a wounded game, then it will pursue the game until it finds it, even if it takes several hours.

It loves to be near its owners. Needs to be close to its human family.

It is a clean, hygienic breed, with no odour but a scent, the typical Vizsla flavour.

Hungarian Vizsla

It needs at least once a day free running time in the wood or the field, when it can use its nose, gratify its instincts and need of excercise. Then it can feel as happy on the fifth floor of a ten-storey house as in the country on a farm. Just do not leave it locked in alone somewhere.

It lacks dominance. They say: one does not command a Vizsla, one asks it to do the task one wants it to do.

Hungarian dog breeds

”One can live without Vizsla, but what for.” And if you comment a Vizsla after just having petted it as ”What a beautiful dog”, don’t be surpriced if many of the owners will correct: ”Its is not a dog, it is a Vizsla.”

Hungarian dog breedsThe Magyar Vizsla Klub Egyesület is the officially recognized organization for the breed. We arrange shows, competitions, tests, entertaining Vizsla-days and excercises. We welcome everybody who is interested in shorthaired Hungarian Vizsla.

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