The celebration of King Stephen I of Hungary

There are a very few celebrations in Hungary, which are more rich in important historical moments, as August 20. Our calendar’s last month’s twentieth day in Hungary is the celebration of the canonization of King Stephen I of Hungary and the celebration of the new bread.

BENCZR2-e1377184271507The most important act in the reign of Stephen I, which makes his lifework immortal and raised his name into the saint’s row is the establishment of the Christian Hungarian kingdom. His father, Géza, the grand prince of the Hungarians made him as the successor of the throne but according to the traditional inheritance process, the next ruler would be Koppány, the monarch of the Somogy-region. But the grand prince has broken this habit, and according to this act, the first enemy of Stephen was Koppány. After winning this fight, the canonization of Stephen was the first of its kind in Hungary, and the Christian Hungarian kingdom has born.

During his reign, the territorial-based government and the royal army has funded, and the introduction of the mandatory deposit of taxes and adjuncts. The firmament of the Christian church in our country is connected to his name too, by his most famous command, which binds every tenth village to build a church.

The tragedy of Stephen’s life reached him in the high peak of his ruling, when his son, Emeric has died in 1031. Not so far after this tragedy, Stephen himself followed his son in August 15, 1038.  LasidlausI. 45 years after his death made him a saint in August 20, 1083.