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The Spring Wind (Hungarian culture Gothenburg) objective is to maintain and develop the language and customs of the Hungarian culture and to teach about it to children. This is a Hungarian community, where the main objective is to establish the Hungarian identity to our children, nurturing, developing, and of course to transfer today’s Hungarian traditions and habits, or even the slang of today’s Hungary.

Several groups of children work in our workshops: the small groups of children are between 2-6 years of age, while the larger ones are between 6-12 year of age. The workshops are held by professional teachers, but parents also have an active role, specially if they have a close relation to the theory and practice sessions, or if they simple volunteer to teach in our classes. We put emphasis on the active use of vocabulary and language development with playing, discussions, crafting classes.

Our children’s interest in different topics are something we take into consideration when we are plan each theme for the workshops. The human body, nature, the world, animal’s behavior, the planet, are full of exciting discoveries for children and interesting material for classes to talk about, to learn about and to have fun together.

We play a lot, telling a story with puppets, see a cartoon on the projector, board games, sing a song-time, these are all creative learning ways to get to know old and new Hungarian traditions. Dance, music, the joy of creation are very important elements in our learning techniques and education. Other occasions for example holidays, like Santa Claus waiting, Christmas, Carnival, National Holidays like March 15th, Mother’s Day give us chance to show to rest of Gothenburg what we represent, and what are our core values.

To go out to the nature together and have a day out and just organizing activities outside of the class room is vital for us, and these occasions are great to develop friendships even more and have a real feeling of community and that we all share the same values and roots.

Last but not least, let me mention that there is also a third group. The “forever young” club of parents. They are the one who will do everything behind the scenes while the classes are on, or just having a coffee together, making snacks to our groups, create the budget, solve logistical tasks, or just enjoying the company of fellow Hungarians and have fun.

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