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Spring Wind Association – Gothenburg

The Spring Wind objective is to maintain and develop the language and ...

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INTERsuli – The future is created today, do not miss it!

Intersuli is a Hungarian electronic school which has been working for three ...

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The Hungarian Puli rearing that even the founder of Facebook has visited...

L M Lujzi11

The Hungarian Ludas Matyi rearing is known for lots of things, they ...

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Matyó on List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity


Made In Hungary

Folk art of the Matyó, embroidery of a traditional community and Falconry, a living human heritage was added to the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity at the 7th Session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding ...

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Unicum-zwack wikimédia

Drink , Hungarian Secrets

"That is unique," was supposedly the cry raised by Joseph II, Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary in 1790, when he tasted the pleasant herb mixture prepared by his Court physician, Dr Zwack. The name of the Hungarian tonic ...

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The Blessed Tisza


Made In Hungary , News

„Blessed the land of Tisza, Hungary’s land of plenty”- wrote Gyula Juhász and many people yet doesn’t know what fantastic treasures were held by the two side of the second biggest river, Tisza. Tolcsva, Tiszatelek, Tiszacsege, Poroszló, Szolnok, Nagykörű, Algyő, ...

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The grape-harvesting

beolvasás0020 3

Hungarian Secrets , Made In Hungary

The grape-harvesting is both a hard work and a feast at the time. After the long hours of hoeing, the pruning and the grafting of the grape the time of wine-making has arrived. The phrase “grape-harvesting” (szüret) in the Hungarian ...

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Sweet enticement – Hungarian cake shops


Hungarian Secrets , Made In Hungary

Hungarian cake! Hungarians who travel around the world may marvel at beautiful scenery and splendid cities, but sooner or later they will miss one thing terribly, and in many places not find it - a really good cake shop. These ...

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A time to dance and eat heartily: the Hungarian country wedding


Hungarian Secrets , Made In Hungary

Foreign tourists in Hungary are often taken to see a traditional country wedding and its huge wedding breakfast. These events are by no means just a tourist attraction; they represent a living heritage. A great number of couples in both ...

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