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Kaláris – South Australia’s only working hungarian dance group

Kaláris Dance Group: Girls’ dance from Magyarbőd

Kaláris is South Australia’s only working dance group and was established four ...

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Ti Ti Tábor Hungarian Folk Camp

Ti Ti Tábor Hungarian Folk Camp 2015 will be held August 2-9, ...

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The Hungarian Puli rearing that even the founder of Facebook has visited...

L M Lujzi11

The Hungarian Ludas Matyi rearing is known for lots of things, they ...

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Download the premium quality Hungarian folk song covers from the BODRI band from the iTunes (0.99 USD/song), or check this out Amazon or download from emusic or order it in CD or pendrive format with fancy booklet, with Hungarian and English lyrics in it straight from Hungary. The full income of the songs is helping the Foundation’s work. Thank You!

The land of milk and honey – and Hungarian sausages: Gyulaer and Csabaer


Hungarian Cuisine , Made In Hungary

Hungarian sausages are among the most delicious products that are made from fattened pigs. A Hungarian fairy tale tells how a good fairy granted a poor boy three wishes. His first, which involved no hesitation on his part, was for ...

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Easter Customs

Can I water this flower?

hungarian easter tradition

Made In Hungary

"Through the greenwood going / I saw a blue violet growing / I saw it start to wither / Can I water this flower?" Small boys learn this rhyme when they are still in the kindergarten, and they sing it to girls on Easter ...

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The Hungarian whip

Made In Hungary

The whip is a tool made of wooden handle and a thong attached together. It is used for herding, and for attacking, defensing. If the whip is used correctly it makes a unique snappish sound, because of the “sudár” (cracker) ...

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Unicum-zwack wikimédia

Drink , Hungarian Secrets

"That is unique," was supposedly the cry raised by Joseph II, Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary in 1790, when he tasted the pleasant herb mixture prepared by his Court physician, Dr Zwack. The name of the Hungarian tonic ...

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itsHungarian Christmas articles – Hungarian szaloncukor


Hungarian Secrets , Made In Hungary

From the end of November or beginning of December the Hungarian postal services send innumerable packages to addresses all over the world, because not a single Hungarian family living in the diaspora should have to miss out on the typical ...

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About the Anna ball in Balatonfüred


Made In Hungary

The history of the Anna balls is the history of Balatonfüred since 1825. The balls were strated to be organised in the peaceful Reform era. After freedom fights, world wars and decades of socialist rule the Anna ball, the greatest ...

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