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Christmas turkey with stewed apples

Christmas turkey (karácsonyi pulykasült) 7-10 oz/200-300 g smoked bacon 1 oven-ready turkey (51/2—653/4...

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Christmas poppy seed pudding

Poppy seed pudding with honey (mákos guba mézzel) 8 butter horns a few days old 1 2/3 cups/400 ml...

Christmas breaded fillet of carp with potato salad

 Breaded fillet of carp (rántott ponty)   8 carp fillets (2 ¾-3 1/2 oz/80-100g each) salt 3/4...


Christmas wine soup

Borleves  (Wine soup) - Ingredients:   3 1/3 cups/800 ml white wine ½  cup/120 g crystal...


Chicken pörkölt – The winning dish

In western Europe, chicken paprika (Paprikás csirke) became a prize-'winning dish at the end of the 19th...

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“Ilona Stüberl”, Vienna’s Historic Hungarian Restaurant

If one would like to dine in the heart of Vienna among Hungarian decor of Kalocsa with a soft background of...

Hungarian dog breeds – Mudi is the eager beaver

One of the three small Hungarian sheep dog breeds, they are the least known of them, and it is strange to me...


The Castle of Szigliget

For the ones, who want to picnic, or just relax for a while, Szigliget is the ideal place to go. The...


Hortobágy – The Hungarian puszta

The Hortobágy is a landscape, whose special story, invaluable wildlife, and unique folklore is making it...


The Visitor Center of Tapolca Lake Cave

The Visitor Center of Tapolca Lake Cave, which is the newest showroom of the Balaton Uplands National Park,...


Summer, love, Transylvania – Music video

The mutual work of a Transylvanian photo artist and a Hungarian band: Far from Transylvania. Beside the mash...

Tisza Expo Rendezvényszolgáltató Kft. – Introduction

Tisza Expo Kft. means an organiser team with more than two decades of experience. Our work can be divided...

A legendary hungarian coffeehouse THE "NEW YORK"

At the end of the 19th century the New York Life Insurance Company extended its business interests to...

Treasures of the Guardsmen’s Land

‘Õrség'area (Guardsmen's Land), the former frontier - border guard area of the country- is today the only...


About the Anna ball in Balatonfüred

The history of the Anna balls is the history of Balatonfüred since 1825. The balls were strated to be...

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Programs, events

"On the way of tradition" - concert

(29 November , 18:00 - 29 November , 20:00)

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Betlehem in Lovas

(23 December )

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(24 December )

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