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Spring Wind Association – Gothenburg

The Spring Wind objective is to maintain and develop the language and ...

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INTERsuli – The future is created today, do not miss it!

Intersuli is a Hungarian electronic school which has been working for three ...

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The Hungarian Puli rearing that even the founder of Facebook has visited...

L M Lujzi11

The Hungarian Ludas Matyi rearing is known for lots of things, they ...

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Download the premium quality Hungarian folk song covers from the BODRI band from the iTunes (0.99 USD/song), or check this out Amazon or download from emusic or order it in CD or pendrive format with fancy booklet, with Hungarian and English lyrics in it straight from Hungary. The full income of the songs is helping the Foundation’s work. Thank You!

Easter Customs

Can I water this flower?

hungarian easter tradition

Made In Hungary

"Through the greenwood going / I saw a blue violet growing / I saw it start to wither / Can I water this flower?" Small boys learn this rhyme when they are still in the kindergarten, and they sing it to girls on Easter ...

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Hungarian coffeehouses


Made In Hungary

In the first half of the 20th century Budapest, like Vienna, was a city of coffeehouses. Nowadays, it is a futile exercise to seek the once famous institutions; instead there are only fast-food outlets, banks, or stores. Only a connoisseur's ...

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One clever and one silly bird: Hungarian duck and goose


Food , Made In Hungary

One clever and one silly bird: Hungarian duck and goose! Although the term "silly goose" is derogatory, in Hungary they are considered to be clever creatures, since they can feed a whole family for several days, providing such delicacies as ...

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Hungarian history

220px-St ssss

Made In Hungary

This country has more than a 1000 years old history, and it was really  full of happenings, battles, kings, allies and enemies and sometimes  peaceful years. Here you can get a quick picture about the main events led the country and ...

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Ice wine – The winter’s gift

Made In Hungary , Wine

One of the most special kinds of dessert wines is the ice wine, which is beloved among others of its high natural sugar content. Although it has centuries-old traditions abroad, in Hungary it is only produced in bigger quantities since ...

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The Christmas preparation and witches in Hungary – the traditions on Lucy’s day

Made In Hungary

On December 13 we remember to Saint Lucy. With the entry of the Gregorian calendar the longest night of the day is on Lucy’s day, that is why the popular belief contacted it with the evil forces. There are very ...

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