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Spring Wind Association – Gothenburg

The Spring Wind objective is to maintain and develop the language and ...

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Hungarian Easter customs, fun facts and traditional Hungarian sprinkling...


Two of the most common folk customs are sprinkling and egg-painting, and ...

magyarul / in english

INTERsuli – The future is created today, do not miss it!

Intersuli is a Hungarian electronic school which has been working for three ...

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Sponsor the Hungarian Treasures Foundation!

Download the premium quality Hungarian folk song covers from the BODRI band from the iTunes (0.99 USD/song), or check this out Amazon or download from emusic or order it in CD or pendrive format with fancy booklet, with Hungarian and English lyrics in it straight from Hungary. The full income of the songs is helping the Foundation’s work. Thank You!

New Hungaricums – 2014

Halasi lace cross with hungarian crest

Hungarian Secrets , Made In Hungary

New Hungaricums - 2014 The Hungaricum Committee has added six new national treasures to the “priority national values” categorized into the Hungarian Value Collection and four more to the Collection of Hungaricums. – declared by Sándor Fazekas, the Minister of Rural ...

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The Hungarian whip

Made In Hungary

The whip is a tool made of wooden handle and a thong attached together. It is used for herding, and for attacking, defensing. If the whip is used correctly it makes a unique snappish sound, because of the “sudár” (cracker) ...

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Hungarian coffeehouses


Made In Hungary

In the first half of the 20th century Budapest, like Vienna, was a city of coffeehouses. Nowadays, it is a futile exercise to seek the once famous institutions; instead there are only fast-food outlets, banks, or stores. Only a connoisseur's ...

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The Hungarian Puli rearing that even the founder of Facebook has visited – Part 2.

Csinos Ül 1

Made In Hungary

The Hungarian Ludas Matyi rearing is known for lots of things, they breed this world famous Hungarian type on an extraordinary level. This rearing is so acknowledged among the fans of the Hungarian Puli that Ferenc Antal, the leader of ...

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How one heroic Hungarian gentile impacted generations of jews

A True, Uplifting Holocaust Tale

Zoltán Kubinyi saved over 100 Jewish men from Hungary

Our Community's article

The Holocaust ensured that generations of Jewish families that might have been, never would be. Yet some did survive against monumental odds, often with the help of selfless individuals who risked their own lives to save others. One such story ...

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The grape-harvesting

beolvasás0020 3

Hungarian Secrets , Made In Hungary

The grape-harvesting is both a hard work and a feast at the time. After the long hours of hoeing, the pruning and the grafting of the grape the time of wine-making has arrived. The phrase “grape-harvesting” (szüret) in the Hungarian ...

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