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The secret recipe of the Goulash King

The winner of Hungary’s greatest goulash cooking competition (the Goulash King) shares the winner goulash’s recipe with you!

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Hungarian Easter customs, fun facts and traditional Hungarian sprinkling...

Hungarian eastern customs

Two of the most common folk customs are sprinkling and egg-painting, and ...

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Beautiful, exclusive table accessories from Hungary


In a small Hungarian village, within the workshop of a family business, ...

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Hungarian bean goulash in János Vitéz style

bean goulash recipe

Recipes of the János Vitéz cooking team: Hungarian bean goulash in János ...

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Hungarian history

Hungarian history 1

Made In Hungary

This country has more than a 1000 years old history, and it was really  full of happenings, battles, kings, allies and enemies and sometimes  peaceful years. Here you can get a quick picture about the main events led the country and ...

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Hungarian spas, thermal waters

thermal waters rudas

Made In Hungary

If you are looking to combine a rich cultural experience with medical, health or wellness treatments, then Hungary is the destination that suits you best. The waters of Hungary come with a magic touch; so drink them, splash around in them, ...

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Fortuitous encounters – Restaurant Gundel Budapest


Hungarian Secrets , Made In Hungary

Fortuitous encounters - Restaurant Gundel Budapest The life story of the founding father of the famous Gundel dynasty is almost like a fairy tale. In 1857, at the age of 13, Johann Gundel left his family home in the Bavarian town ...

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One clever and one silly bird: Hungarian duck and goose


Food , Made In Hungary

One clever and one silly bird: Hungarian duck and goose! Although the term "silly goose" is derogatory, in Hungary they are considered to be clever creatures, since they can feed a whole family for several days, providing such delicacies as ...

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This is the lace Halas!


Hungarian Secrets , Made In Hungary

This is the lace Halas! Unique in the world since 1902… Mysteriously beautiful… Elegant and magnificent... Its value rivals with the gold’s… Won dozens of international exhibitions’ blue ribbons… Given to royal people as the present of Hungarian state… This is the lace Halas! The story of the ...

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The celebration of King Stephen I of Hungary

Hungarian Secrets , Made In Hungary

There are a very few celebrations in Hungary, which are more rich in important historical moments, as August 20. Our calendar’s last month’s twentieth day in Hungary is the celebration of the canonization of King Stephen I of Hungary and ...

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