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Unicum-zwack wikimédia

"That is unique," was supposedly the cry raised by Joseph II, Emperor ...

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The grape-harvesting

beolvasás0020 3

The grape-harvesting is both a hard work and a feast at the ...

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The Hungarian Puli rearing that even the founder of Facebook has visited...

L M Lujzi11

The Hungarian Ludas Matyi rearing is known for lots of things, they ...

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Made In Hungary

Goulash is lauded as the Hungarian specialty all over the world, and it is no coincidence that an entire epoch of Hungarian history is referred to as “Goulash communism.” The word gulyás originally meant only “herdsman,” but over time the ...

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Famous hungarians


Made In Hungary

Hungarians are a talented and resourceful bunch, and they feature heavily in lists of internationally significant inventors, musicians, artists and sports stars. Famous Hungarians! Inventors Albert Szent-Györgyi was the first to discover vitamin C, after extracting it from paprika, the zesty yellow ...

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The Hungarian whip

Made In Hungary

The whip is a tool made of wooden handle and a thong attached together. It is used for herding, and for attacking, defensing. If the whip is used correctly it makes a unique snappish sound, because of the “sudár” (cracker) ...

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Hungarian restaurant with a folkloric atmosphere

Magyaros03 mcs hévíz

Hungarian Secrets , Made In Hungary

The "csárda" is a Hungarian restaurant with a folkloric atmosphere. Originally it would have been an inn, often situated outside the village, which was frequented mainly by travelers. During the 19th century these inns also provided refuge for the Betyars. Today, ...

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Mr Goulash and the pig slaughter – hungarian traditions


Made In Hungary

Mr. Goulash loves the pig slaughters. In his childhood, in the Jászság (a part of the Hungarian Great Plain) his grandparents regularly had pig slaughters. It was a buzz for the whole family; the surrounding days of Katalin’s day (25 ...

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The land of milk and honey – and Hungarian sausages: Gyulaer and Csabaer


Hungarian Cuisine , Made In Hungary

Hungarian sausages are among the most delicious products that are made from fattened pigs. A Hungarian fairy tale tells how a good fairy granted a poor boy three wishes. His first, which involved no hesitation on his part, was for ...

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