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Psychedelic Hungarian embroidery and goulash – Music video!


The BODRI band has came out with a new English song and ...

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The biggest party of Hungary: the Sziget Festival

Csudai Sándor4 kicsi

In August, Hungary is the most important meeting place for the audience, ...

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Big Budapest thermal baths panorama

budapest spa review_SZÉCHENYI

Big Budapest thermal baths panorama - Budapest holds a "Spa city" title ...

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Download the premium quality Hungarian folk song covers from the BODRI band from the iTunes (0.99 USD/song), or check this out Amazon or download from emusic or order it in CD or pendrive format with fancy booklet, with Hungarian and English lyrics in it straight from Hungary. The full income of the songs is helping the Foundation’s work. Thank You!

Pig party soundtrack / Disznóvágás (Hungarian folk song ska covers)

Abálás: szalona crating method

Made In Hungary

BODRI és a Miskakancsó : Pig party soundtrack / Disznóvágás (Hungarian folk song ska covers)

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In summer and in winter: Hungarian salami


Made In Hungary

Téliszalámi, known all over the world as Hungarian salami, is one of the "aristocrats" of all sausages. Its typically delicate aroma, good shelf life, and worldwide popularity have gone to ensure its pre-eminent position among the hierarchy of Hungarian meat ...

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Made In Hungary

Goulash is lauded as the Hungarian specialty all over the world, and it is no coincidence that an entire epoch of Hungarian history is referred to as “Goulash communism.” The word gulyás originally meant only “herdsman,” but over time the ...

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Sweet enticement – Hungarian cake shops


Hungarian Secrets , Made In Hungary

Hungarian cake! Hungarians who travel around the world may marvel at beautiful scenery and splendid cities, but sooner or later they will miss one thing terribly, and in many places not find it - a really good cake shop. These ...

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itsHungarian Christmas articles – Hungarian szaloncukor


Hungarian Secrets , Made In Hungary

From the end of November or beginning of December the Hungarian postal services send innumerable packages to addresses all over the world, because not a single Hungarian family living in the diaspora should have to miss out on the typical ...

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The Kemenes Volcanopark Visitor Center – Celldömölk, Hungary

kemenes vulkánpark

Made In Hungary , News

The Kemenes Volcanopark Visitor Center opened on the 22nd of April in 2013. The building was built next to the Sag hill, and with its architectural style and theme is unique in Hungary and the nearest countries.  In the museum ...

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