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Terms And Conditions

Important information

From the beginning our goal was to find couple of Hungary’s well known and certified handcrafts masters, folk industrial masters and trades people to our visitors.

In this webshop we offer handmade, guaranteed original goods with certified origin. Every of the Trades people are done a vintage job, ItsHungarian.com guaranteed that the customer will get a real unique good in case of the order – straight from Hungary, from the yard of our Trades people. To our company is an important thing to give publicity to the Hungarian folk art, and with our activity we try to help our wrights job, familiarize their job as widely as possible.

Our goods are handmade original products, fully unique, that’s why there could be difference between the information given in the Webshop and the product (trimming for example). Naturally, in case of order we can give information to our customers, and if the available product is not suitable, and the customer does not want to wait until the master makes it uniquely for you, we refund the cost of the purchase.

Relevant laws

About the items relevant to the supplier and the steps of the entering into an electronic contract the law of electronic trade services together with the law of services in connection with the information society (law CVIII. of the year 2001.) contains actions. The detailed terms of the right of cancelling the order are ruled by the Decree 17/1999. (II. 5.). Naturally the shopping through Internet is under the actions of the law of consumer protection (law CLV. of the year 1997.) and the law about the Civil Code (law IV. of the year 1959.)


After the order we send a confirmation e-mail and the product will arrives in 10 days after the ordering to Your home – straight from Hungary, from our Master’s yard. We must control the full ordering procedure, we send to You coverage from the statuses and we are available at the reaches.

The ordering can be sent us, when the chosen items and the quantities of chosen items are given; they are placed into the basket, and then the blanks with the ordering, the posting and the billing addresses are filled.

The trader must confirm the order in no time, but not later than 48 hours in electronic way, which is an automatic answer e-mail in practice, which contains the verifying of the terms of ordering (the name and the price of the product, the terms of delivery). If the confirmation not happens within 48 hours, the consumer has no duty with the ordering, and must not accept the delivered product.

Cancelling the order

By the decree no.17/1999. (II. 5.) between the absent the consumer has the so called cancelling right (the right of sending back the product, guarantee to returning the product).

You can use the cancelling right within 14 workdays (not calendar days!) after receiving the product and signing the service contract without any justification. By the name of the general laws the day when the product is received and the day when the service contract has been signed are not counted in the 14 workdays.

It is enough to express the will of cancelling within 14 workdays to the seller, the product must not return within 14 workdays.

The consumer must return the product at his/her own charge to the seller, the seller must return the full cost that the consumer paid in not later than 30 days.

If the product not has been used properly, the seller can demand compensation in case of the product’s possible damage, and depreciation.

The will of cancelling can be expressed personally (or telephone), in postal way (it is rational to use a recorded delivery) or even in e-mail.

If you have any type of complain about the product, you can send an email to the info@itshungarian.com e-mail address.

The seller must reply the compliment sent in e-mail or postal way not later than 30 days in writing, if the seller finds the compliment not legitimate, the seller must give reasons to his/her point of view.


Our partner in the creditcard payment is the PayPal. The cost of the goods must be paid with credit card. The payment flows through the secure payment site of the PayPal, the MrGoulash.com will not be given any information about Your creditcard, we get information only the case of success or the failure of the payment from the PayPal. In case of successful transaction we close Your order and we hand the ordered product to delivery to the DHL. More information about the payment: http://www.itshungarian.com/privacy-policy/#payment


Our company currently distributes goods all the world. The carriage is done by the DHL, every product is insured, arrives with trailing to Your home. The cost of the carriage is involved into the costs of the products. (In case of the weight of an 1,1 pound consignment the ordinary carriage costs 45 USD, which involves the costs of the carriage from house to house, the trailing and the insurance. There can be vary in the costs of the carriage; it depends on the concrete location of the destination, and the actual USD/HUF rates.)

The carriage will be done by the DHL (http://www.dhl.com/en.html), we would like to share some information about this.

  • The product will arrive to Your home on the third day after the shipping as an insured, trailed consignment.
  • If you give us a valid e-mail address, you can get coverage about the anticipatory date of the arrival.
  • If You are not at home in the time of the delivery, the staff of the DHL leaves an advice at Your home and attempts the delivery 3 more times.

Support: after the ordering, we send an e-mail to you, with information about the reaches of the DHL’s American customer service, and naturally the team of ItsHungarian.com is available in our reaches too.

The DHL’s terms of carriage: http://www.dhl.com/en/legal.html#t_c
Statement on DHL’s commitment to user privacy: http://www.dhl.com/en/legal.html#privacy