The Castle of Szigliget

For the ones, who want to picnic, or just relax for a while, Szigliget is the ideal place to go. The wonderful natural resources, the variation of the hills and the valleys make the city and the surroundings so unique. From the Várhegy (Castle Hill) the sight of the “Hungarian see” catches the attention immediately.


In 2010, the Castle of Szigliget has celebrated the 750th anniversary of its foundation. From 1260 it has been built and renovated constantly in the next four centuries, and became one of the important border castles of that age. It has been protected the country, but later its strategic role has been reduced, then disappeared. After three centuries of ignorance, the renovation works of the castle has begun. Due to this works, the long shaped castle on the 239 meter high Várhegy becomes more and more spectacular every year.


From this place, the Balaton and the Tapolca Valley’s monad rocks can be seen well. In Ófalu, which lays under the castle you can take an adventure through time. With the thatched houses, the village brings back the spirit of the 19th century. At the shore of the Balaton, you can witness a unique sight, which is incomparable to any other sight around the lake: most of the houses are covered with reed on the roof.

On Szigliget, you can find the biggest beach of the region. With the sandy beach, sport fields and taverns it is rather beloved, especially within the families with young children. From the harbor cruise ships are sailing frequently. If somebody is interested in touring, designated tourist routes (for example the Kamonkő Nature Trail) are waiting for the interested. The Balaton Bicycle Round goes through Szigliget as well. In the Szigliget Castle, programs and event are held frequently. Tactical presentations are held in every day of the season on the stage of the castle by the gallants of Szigliget. In addition to the presentation of the medieval weapons and the life of the border castle, they are trying to involve the audience to their humorous show.

In addition to this, there are even more events waiting for the tourists. For example the Torchlight Parade on the night of St Johns Eve (June 24), the light musical concerts during the “Musical nights at the castle of Balaton” programs, and the classical music concert every Wednesday night. In August, during the Traditional Days, you can get familiar with the music of the border castle era, and the medieval dances. We entertain our visitors with tactical demonstrations, falconry demonstrations, and fair comedy.

But it is worth to visit our city in autumn as well. In September the harvest parade celebrates the grape and the wine with a march through the streets of the village. In October we remember with a running competition (Várfutás – Castle Run) to the times, when Szigliget has been attacked by the ottoman forces in 1558. The villagers had to run uphill to the castle to find a shelter. In the Várfutás, different distances can be chosen; the finish is at the gates of the castle.

The last and maybe the biggest touristic attraction of Szigliget in the year is the Süllőfesztivál (Walleye Festival). In this event, next to the Balaton fishes, the local wines and cultural event are waiting for the visitors. It is worth visiting us even in the winter. The first event of the year is the “Újévi csobbanás” (New Year Splashing), when the brave can dip into the ice-cold Balaton.

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