The Blessed Tisza

„Blessed the land of Tisza, Hungary’s land of plenty”- wrote Gyula Juhász and many people yet doesn’t know what fantastic treasures were held by the two side of the second biggest river, Tisza. Tolcsva, Tiszatelek, Tiszacsege, Poroszló, Szolnok, Nagykörű, Algyő, Szeged. fishermen’s inns, restaurants, fish friers.

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Last year, many went to the Balaton with the summer pages of Magyar Konyha, so we decided that this year we chart the gastronomy of Tisza beside Balaton’s. We found great treasures. We divided the Tisza’s Hungarian session into four parts we searched the most exciting places, winerys and inns, we talked with raiser, fishermen and ferrymen.

Tokaj’s mountainside

Tokaj’s mountainsides in north -thanks to the sophisticated winery culture- have high grade fine dining restaurants with the loveliness of the countryside, and with common grace of the people. Beside this, the area is also targeted by tourists because the products of possessed raisers, like: vinegar from sweet must, William’s pear jam with violet, cheese with mushroom called “vargánya”, medicinal treacle with lavender.

Lake Tisza

Heading to south, we arrive to the magical land of Lake Tisza, where the time flows like it’s almost stopped.  Nobody whirls, the life flows in the rate of the waterway traffic. The rich world of fish and bird species is a great fun, so do not forget to sign for one of the boat tours at the docks.

Region of Szolnok

Fish is a common dish in this area, but if we move closer to the city of Szolnok we find an interesting situation, there is local fellowship who tries to dangle the Hungarian people to eat fish with special products like fish sausage. In the area, some people treats the tending of traditions as a mission with making special pálinka, setting herbs and with collecting a local type of cherry, called nagykörűi cherry.


It is not necessary to dangle the people of Szeged to eat fish! In Szeged, eating pounded fish soup (halászlé) is a “happens every other day” thing beside the various types of fried fish and a traditional fish dish: “halpaprikás túróscsuszával” it’s fish stew with curdy paste. Going to a fishermen’s inn in Szeged is kind of a lifestyle. Our kayak team spends most of the time preparing to the London Olympics near the Tisza, but we after all surprised with the love and the knowledge as they spoke from the fish species and meals of the Tisza. Who knew that beside the numerous olimpic and world champion winning, they also proud of their fishing and fish cooking skills and for that they are “people from Tisza”. Tisza offers good people, good meals, docks to explore and unforgettable summer experiences.


10 Best Fishermen’s Inns near river Tisza

  1. Tiszacsegei Halászcsárda – Tiszacsege
  2. Kancsal Harcsa Halászcsárda – Tiszatelek
  3. Algyői Halászcsárda – Algyő
  4. Jobb Mint Otthon Kisvendéglő – Szeged
  5. Kiskőrössy Halászcsárda – Szeged
  6. Czifra Csárda – Abádszalók
  7. Öreg Kőrössy Halászcsárda – Szeged
  8. Halászcsárda – Szolnok
  9. Fehér Amur Halászcsárda – Poroszló
  10. Bonchidai Csárda – Tokaj

10 Best restaurants near river Tisza

  1. Gusteau Kulináris élményműhely – Mád
  2. Ős Kaján Étterem – Tolcsva
  3. Suttogó Étterem és Lovasudvar – Nagykörű
  4. Sárga Borház Kisvendéglő – Mád
  5. Alabárdos Étterem és Borozó – Szeged
  6. Liliomfi étterem Kávézó – Szolnok
  7. Vendéglő a Régi Hídhoz – Szeged
  8. Bajnok Étterem – Szolnok
  9. Szeged Étterem – Szeged
  10. Hal-Jó Vendéglő – Tiszafüred-Örvény

5 Best  sweet-shops near river Tisza

  1. Nagy Cukrászda – Szeged
  2. Talmácsi Cukrászda – Kunszentmárton
  3. Marcipán Cukrászda – Szolnok
  4. A Capella Cukrászda – Szeged
  5. Rétesház – Poroszló

5 Best fish friers, fish sellers near river Tisza

  1. Timári Halsütő – Timár
  2. Sült Hal Tibai Józsefné üzlete – Szeged
  3. Szabó-féle halsütő – Szeged
  4. Szőke Tisza Kincsei – Szolnok
  5. Mars téri halüzlet – Szeged

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