Special Attractions – Celldömölk

Vulkan Medical and Wellness SPA

 Vulkán fürdő csúszdaRelax, do sports and heal int he heart of Western Transdanubia, at the foot of Mount Ság with picturesque beauty built in a Spa. Private wells and pools filted with a silky, soft water is surrounded by bather’s body.

A year-round swimming pool, a sitting thermal bath also include and outdoor, kiddy pool with fun elements, outdoor jacuzzi with medical thermal water.

The seasonal outdoor pools of Mount Ság to the beautiful eye managing panorama, the experience pool with big water surface, two storey paddling pool and kiddy pool.

The basis of the traditional cures the solium onto the treatment of hydrogen carbonate medicinal water, which is suitable for the alleviation of locomotion complaints and illnesses.

Vulkán fürdő élményWellness and beauty services: Meaningful spending of the day,the renewal of body and soul,the pompering of the regeneration of the health: refreshing massage, finish sauna, steamcabin, aroma and light theraphy cabins, salt-tub and salt room, jacuzzi bubble and sitting bath,solarium and beauty salons.

The sport is very popular in the summer months the beach volleyball and handball pitch ,the kids can find great entertainment options on the playground.

By the end of 2013 to demans for quality improvement to increase the outdoor thermal pool, large sauna world design, indoor huge slides,outdoor family slides, playhouse for child, new area of relaxation, restaurant and landscaping of the beach.

Tourism supply: Mount Ság, Kemenes Vulkánpark Visitor Centre, Celldömölk- Ihrine.

Adress: 9500 Celldömölk, Sport str.8.

Geographical  coordinates: É 47° 14’ 40.05”, K 17° 8’ 50.23”

Telefon number: +36 95/525 070

E-mail: info@vulkanfurdo.hu

Web: www.vulkanfurdo.hu

Mesteri Spa Bath

Mesteri Termál

Near Mesteri in 1964 the research of hydrocarbon drilling carried out of 1800 meter deep water of 72 degrees reveal,on the basis of the villagewhich is now a small family-style bath with two outdoor swimming pols and a newly built in a grotto.

The water of the wells in the calcium- magnesium-hydrogen carbonate thermal water,which belongs to the Hungarian language is called water on calcareous clay. The medicinal water is more than 30 years of experience on the basis of very favorably affect the locomotor,rheumatic complaints,circulatory system, through the high blood circulation disturbances also.

Mesteri Termál barlangfürdőThe rich stock of plants of the bath area, the island of the calmness represents an extraordinary value conjuring up the bath.

Tourism supply: Small,but very beautiful church named after St. Michael archangel, Mount Ság, Kissomlyó, Kemenes Vulkánpark Visitor Centre, Celldömölk- Ihrine.

Adress: 9551 Mesteri, Fürdőtelep 1.

Geographical  coordinates: N47.21898 E17.09194

Telefon number: +3630929 1148

E-mail: info@mesteritermal.hu

Web: www.mesteritermal.hu

Festetich Castel Hotel*** 

The 150 years castle is the sights of Szeleste, on te edge of friendly little country Vas, in the embrace of  13 hectare legendary arbouretums can be found.

Festetich KastélyszállóThe guests can enjoy at the same time the arbouretum is not an everyday romantics and their own thermal water spa experience. Latter from castle onto 1 minutes,in Zsuzsanna Hotel can be found. The water is very rich in minerals (more than 5100 mg/l salinity) by reason of an extremely positive effect on the musculasheletal,rheumatic, hearth and vascular, dermatological ailments and alleviate.

Medical and wellness services: massage, infrasauna,solarium, indoors thermal water, from Mai to September outdoors pool.

He managed to keep his farmer mood at the time of the reconstruction of the castle, his services fulfil the claims of the age,an ideal site maximally all that onto the transaction of company programs and conferences.

Tourism supply:

  • Arboretum
  • Castle theatre of Kőszeg
  • Castle games of Sümeg
  • Fishing lake of Ölbő
  • Horse- riding
  • Savaria Historical Karneval

Adress: 9622 Szeleste, Arany János str. 37.

Geographical coordinates: É:47.3069, K:16.8279

Telefon number: +3695/565 001

E-mail: info@szelesteikastely.hu

Web: www.szelesteikastely.hu