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The Festival of Dance

The Festival of Dance

In this his year, holds the organizers the Festival of the Dance in Veszprém eighteenth times, since 1998.
The organizers, the participants and the audience of Veszprém dedicate these days to the performing arts.
The Dance Festival is an International Contemporary Dance Festival and National Art Festival which organized by György Krámer and László Vándorfi who are the choreographer and the director.
The European and even worldwide reputation for its contemporary Hungarian dance is a selection of productions, represent a significant part of the festival.
2017 programs coming soon!

23 May - 28 May




8200, Veszprém, Brusznyai Árpád u. 2. (Veszprém)


no, it's not free

multi-arts festival, dance, theather, Sunday programes

young people, senior people

Source: gotohungary.com