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IX. "Lecsó" Gastronomy Festival

IX. "Lecsó" Gastronomy Festival

This gastronomical festival is about a typical hungarian dish called Lecsó, wich is pretty similar to the french Ratatouille, the middle east Shakshuka or the turkish Menemen.
The Lecsó has the light, but children programs, concerts and tasting at the end of the competition will make this day even more enjoyable.
Tasting is possible at the end of the competition.

26 August , 08:00 - 26 August , 22:00




8624, Balatonszárszó, Mikszáth Kálmán utca 2. (Open-air theatre, Carpark at the beach)


for some programmes or services you should pay

gastronomic event (food and drink)

Source: gotohungary.com