Hungarian Shop Museum

Hungary’s largest school shop museum can be found in the building of Secondary Technical School of Commerce and Catering named after Jozsef Zwack in Békéscsaba. The book about the museum is exclusively based upon the material that can be found there. The volume presents the history of the museum, the foundation of “Ant Association”, the role of money in Békés county, the corona and pengő monetary system in Hungary. Moreover, it displays the money issued by the Red Army, tax stamps, the issue of Forint and discounts in “Ant Trade”.


The 100 page book is hardcover, coloured and numbered (that increases its value).

It costs 2500 HUF (plus postal expenses); 200 HUF from this price is given back to the school. Each book owner is given a pack of uniquely wrapped horehound candy for free.

The author invites the readers for a two-round lottery if they meet the requirements of the laws of the game.


The book is available in the shop museum: 32 Gyulai Road Békéscsaba 5600, Hungary


Erzsébet Bagyinka: 06-20-335-2004 (author)

Ibolya Eke: 36-70-942-8204 (headteacher of the school)