Paprikum: is the new dimension of spice grinding technology


Paprikum is the new dimension of spice grinding technology, it is not just a Hungarian „goulash device”, it is a revolutionary system hidden in this lovely not just useful but stylish cusine art acessorie. Hungarians are world wide well known by their inventions in every fields of science. Now we have a new hit in our kitchen as well.


Paprikum is dedicated for making spice mixes and is capable of any other kind of, thank for the steel ball mechanism which operates inside. This totally new method of grindinding creates wide variety of fine spice use in your kitchen, including fresh and dried spices. The massively closed device holds all the essential scents and tastes inside. Therefore we can experience an exclusively nice, useful and handy kitchen tool at home.

Paprikum The short story of Paprikum:

Peter Toronyi who is the designer of this little cusine master piece is originally designed this object for crushing the Hungarian paprika. That was a university project of his, to create an object which determines Hungary most, in one word they had to create some new so called „Hungaricum” product wise. The end was likely predictable, like all succes stories, during the designing progress it turned out Paprikum is a „Hungarikum„ and a professional kitchen tool as well.

(We suggest you to try out this smart device and enjoy cooking with Paprikum. Give a little hint of Hungary.)