Mr. Goulash made a movie about Hungary’s biggest goulash festival

As it is well known, Mr. Goulash in 2012 visited Szolnok, the goulash festival. Our hero tried to get behind the scenes, so he can show the secrets what only a few have seen before. The video is on the way, can be seen at the end of the article.

“We had such a great time in Szolnok” – told Mr. Goulash.

“At 7 A.M. the preparations has started all over the territory of the festival. The kettles were on the bearers, the wood has been cut, and everything has been prepared. Our hosts were László Nyitrai and his team. They helped us to make the very first ambiguous steps on the swampy road to the goulash cooking. I have to admit that they made it with a great workmanlike – the abundant breakfast (delicious császár bacon – fat bacon – with excellent onion and white and soft bread), and the heart strengthener snifter prior to the food convinced us that we were in the best place in this huge event. They have not competed this time, just cooked with great workmanlike for their own, and their friend’s joy. The team cooked the goulashes in two kettles and we were in the heart of all events – so we tried to record everything.

Our hosts: László Nyitrai and his friends

Our hosts: László Nyitrai and his friends

As in our first location everything was on their way (so the kettles has to be only twirled or stirred considering the trait of the goulash made in them), we started to get into the thriving whirligig of people.

Traditions and music video

We had the opportunity to speak with scores of pleasant people within and outside the borders of the country. For example, with ladies, from Vojvodina, Serbia, a mainly Hungarian populated (with 1710 residents) village called Felsőhegy. They offer a lot of time to the traditions. They trying to quest, to familiarize and embalm the matters and other memories of their Hungarian roots. We talked a lot, and we had the chance to record some scenes with the band called “Bodri és a miskakancsó’s” first video. They cover well known wedding songs in ska style.

People in traditional clothes – with the members of the Bodri és a miskakancsó on the sides

People in traditional clothes – with the members of the “Bodri és a miskakancsó” on the sides

The king of the goulash

We have been talked hours with the competitors scampering between the kettles, in the clouds of the smells of onion and paprika, and we tried to reveal the secrets behind the scenes. And Fortune has smiled upon us! István Opóczky (master cook, honored with the Venesz award – given to cunning cooks, who have added to the recognition of the Hungarian cuisine), the well known member of the professional jury of the festival took us under his wings, and from that moment we followed him to the forest of kettles. He shared us a lot of information, and we share them with our followers.

István Opóczky reveals the secret of the goulash

István Opóczky reveals the secret of the goulash

Naturally in the festival were plenty of cooks, and a lot’s of them were competed! In the end of the day of course the results were declared. The jury made up of accomplished professional cooks, and they have chosen Lajos Pásztor, the “Gulyáskirály” (“goulash king”) the winner of 2012, like he did in 2011. We congratulate him this way too!