The Hungarian Puli rearing that even the founder of Facebook has visited – Part 2.

The Hungarian Ludas Matyi rearing is known for lots of things, they breed this world famous Hungarian type on an extraordinary level. This rearing is so acknowledged among the fans of the Hungarian Puli that Ferenc Antal, the leader of the rearing was visited by Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan in his home.

The leader of the rearing also shared lots of other interesting facts with the readers of

“The puli is not a dog, it’s a Puli!”

Hungarian puli

When we say the word “Puli” do we think about its real meaning? This word has a meaning and a history. It was created by someone who owned it, loved, cherished its intellect and faith. All of that was summed up by one word that means the same thing to everyone. At the turn of the 20th century the extensive farming was slowly replaced by the intensive farming and it drastically decreased the numbers of the Puli. Luckily our famous natural scientist and vet ancestors realized in the last minute what treasure lied within our hands and that it can only be saved with conscious and purposeful breeding for generations to come.

Hungarian puli

This breed’s traits were first set in writing in the 1920s and the offical pedigree registration and breeding started in 1924. Nowadays the Hungaria Puli Klub as a recognized rearing leads and coordinates the breeding of this type.

The Ludas Matyi rearing took on the mission of preserving the Puli’s character, health, intellect and anthropocentric and other favourable traits and at the same time also concentrating on breeding a type that is recognized as a beautiful and loved dog that can hold its own at international contests.

Hungarian puli

My name is Ferenc Antal. As an agricultural engineer my specialty is reproductive biology. The Pulis born in our rearing got from Mexico to Siberia fulfilling their immemorial mission to be faitful companions to children and adults alike. Countless Champions, World winners, Klub winners Best in Show Pulis were born in our rearing in the past of which we are very proud. But I think breeding these dogs’ grandmothers and great-grandmothers and seeing the proof of my breeder’s pursuits in the new generations is an even bigger professional achievement.

Hungarian puli

Committed to this breed I am taking on a significant role in the Hungaria Puli Klub, since after 2006 and 2007, from 2013 I am leading and coordinating this type’s breeding again. Being in love with Hungarian shepherd dogs I am the international show judge of the FCI and from exhibition to exhibition I’m trying to show the way in breeding our national treasure. I hope that with my work as a breeder I can contribute to make people in all parts of the world think the same thing when they say this ancient breed’s name: the living Hungarian ethnographic relic that vows eternal faith to its master.

Hungarian puliThe content came from Ferenc Antal leader of the Ludas Matyi Golden Wreath Masterbreeding. Author and owner: Ferenc Antal –