Hungarian dog breeds – Mudi is the eager beaver

One of the three small Hungarian sheep dog breeds, they are the least known of them, and it is strange to me that they are the least widespread, although fortunately they are nowadays more and more popular. It may be that it sounds bromide, that man’s most faithful companion, but in this case they are the exact words.

Nyírségfia Vihar, 2009 & 2010 World Winner female mudi – Photo: Gábor Szalánczi

Dr. Victoria Maczák President of the Hungarian Mudi Association:

“It is said that mudi is the dog you cannot lose. I also quickly learned this, when I could not see my mudi while I was walking with my dogs, I started to shout where you are, nothing happened, until I looked down and behind my legs 2 surprised eyes were looking up to me, what the problem could be…

Köves-bérci Betyár Puppies from Litter F – Photo: Krisztina Karácsonyi

Hearing that, you might think that the greatest characteristic of the breed is the loyalty and faithfulness, that they are watching every movement and each word of the owner. –Therefore I do not suggest to buy a Mudi, who is bothered if his dog is just happy when can be close to the owner.

Kunok Kincse Ági

Actually, much more preferred characteristic is nowadays the excellent working ability of the breed and the fast speed in sport. That is why lots of people come across the world to Hungary to pick up a puppy here and have an outstanding sporting dog at home, of course, at the same time a beloved pet, usually a family member who deserve respect and love.

Nyírségfia Vihar, 2009 & 2010 World Winner female mudi – Photo: Gábor Szalánczi

At the 2014 FCI Agility World Championships a Mudi was the World Champion in medium agility and also in team agility the Hungarian medium team won gold medal, and 2 of the 4 team members, were Mudis. So we are speaking about excellent working dogs. But even this is not the most prominent feature of the breed.

Köves-bérci Betyár Puppies from Litter F – Photo: Krisztina Karácsonyi

The most important characteristic is their mind. Many Mudi owners say that “My Mudi can almost speak”. We are speaking about very easily trainable dogs, this is why we recommend to the owners to go to dogschool. Usually, the mudis are the stars in the school, the fastest and best performing students.

Köves-bérci Betyár Dongó and Nyírségfia Süti

The only difficulty could be that it should be taught separately to play with the other dogs in the school and not just guard his owner. They are very human focused, attached to the owners, usually they prefer human company to dogs’ company.

Nyírségfia Sunny Peach, our future hope in agility

That’s why they can easily become favourites of the urban dog owners, because if the owner wants it, they can be perfect companion dogs in the city, with good behaviour in the cafes, waiting calmly for the humans and this also makes them happy to be with the owner always. If we want to describe the Hungarian herding dog breeds shortly, the Pumi is the clown, the Puli is the fur ball, and the Mudi is the eager beaver.

Kunok Kincse Fényes

I consider the traditional values ​​of the breed in breeding very important, as keeping the basic values is the key of the future. The shepherds were breeding the most loyal, and best working dogs in the past and you can see that on the breed, how important was its working ability.

Köves-bérci Betyár Puppies from Litter F – Photo: Krisztina Karácsonyi

Our breed club the Hungarian Mudi Association aims to protect these natural treasures for the future; unique temperament and the appearance that is sweet to our hearts: soft wavy fur, the beautiful head and clever eyes, athletic body, and of course many others, I could list it for hours…”


Dr. Victoria Maczák

Köves-bérci Betyár Kennel

Silver awarded master breeder for mudi breeding