The biggest party of Hungary: the Sziget Festival

In August, Hungary is the most important meeting place for the audience, who are ready to party for more than 20 years in the heart of Budapest. The beautiful capital city of the country attracts the tourists with its variety of cultural programs itself, but this one week long organization have a special place on the list: whoever visits here, can get into a different world.


 This event series has been started in 1993 with the festival called Diáksziget. The well known slogan of this event was “Everybody needs one week of being together”. The location of the organization was the Óbudai (Hajógyári) island in Budapest this time, which is remained since then. The festival has been organized every year since the beginning, endeavors for the constant renewal and diversity.

Balogh Zoltán

Balogh Zoltán

 –  In 1994, for the 25th anniversary of the world famous Woodstock Festival the organization in Budapest has been named to Eurowoodstock, it had concerts with many of the original Woodstock bands.

–  After 2000 the festival aimed to introduce many of other cultural productions beside the concerts. This is when the limits of genres have been disappeared in musical and other ways too.

–  In 2011 the Sziget has been the first of 25 of the biggest European festivals in the voting of the competition of “big festivals” organized by Yourope (European festival society) and the Virtual Festivals Europe.


Photo: Sándor Csudai

The organization, currently called “Festivaldemocracy” is the best, when you are out there from the morning to the night and you are in the whirl with full power. Here you can enter to a different world for a week, and you can enjoy the most exiting adventures on the most unexpected places. It is impossible to make a list of every program and the effects you can have in the festival. Beside the high-standard and different music offers, you can go to theater, cinema, you have different sporting opportunities, and many of interesting places are waiting to be discovered.


Photo: Péter Kálló

 The Sziget attract people from many European and other countries outside the continent, so the variegation is guaranteed even in cultural aspects. The comfort of the festival visitors is guaranteed by the child care, post office, restaurants, luggage lockers, pharmacy, safe deposit boxes and language help tents.

Anybody, who visits here can be the member of the most interesting “Festivaldemocracy” of Europe!

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