INTERsuli – The future is created today, do not miss it!

Intersuli is a Hungarian electronic school which has been working for three years. The idea of its creation came from a childhood friendship. The family of one of the friends decided to move abroad, where they faced the question of how to teach their youngest child Hungarian. The family’s demand for their son’s Hungarian education turned into a great idea. The friend who stayed at home not only looked for a teacher for the child abroad, but also created an electronic school with the initial aim of educating Hungarian lower primary school children living abroad.

Within three years this idea focusing on one single child has become an influential business with members from all over the world, aiming to capture our small country. However, this is not only an objective anymore; it is more like the reality: From Birsbaine to New York several elementary school children attend to our virtual school.

Intersuli – With No Limits

“We do not know any limits indeed: neither in our imagination, nor in the realization. We honestly believe in the importance and the future of electronic education and we would like the majority of the people to preserve our mother tongue with no defects.” – explains István Marschalkó, owner of the company.
Due to the large scale developments, from this November the globally expanded Hungarian school starts with a new surface, which offers its users comfortable, modern and personalized solutions.

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“We would like anyone who visits us to be able to use our system as simply and clearly as possible. In brief, we would like to create a friendly school. Since the birth of my idea, several people have looked me up with various demands, that is why we extend our service from this autumn, including upper level, intermediate and adult education, within and across the border as well.”  – says Edit Marschalkó, founder and owner of the company.

The virtual teaching staff of Intersuli is made up of experienced Hungarian teachers, who ensure the acquirement of the curriculum corresponding to a certain age-group. According to the demands we can prepare our users for equivalency test, school-leaving examination and language exam as well. For those who are planning to go abroad, we can also offer a professional and practical oriented language training.

“Our success is guaranteed by flexible time-tables, personalized system of education and the modern technology.” – emphasized István Marschalkó
This young family business might be captivating thousands of people in 3 years, as a great example of how to develop a company from a good idea, and alter it into a decisive element of an era.

How does Intersuli Work?

Our school uses the basic devices of the digital world and our system of education is assisted by the most modern electronic developments. The construction of the website does not differ from a great number of other websites based on general database. Similarly to social websites and online auction markets, the users of Intersuli are also provided with user accounts. The educational system of Intersuli is the Moodle system, which is used by the most modern European and American schools as well. The Moodle system is capable of managing courses, professorial database, syllabus and calendar system.

(More information: InterSuli on Facebook)