Hungarian lángos recipes

Lángos is the Hungarian name of a flat cake that today is deep-fried from a potato-based dough. It was originally made from a piece of bread dough that was kept back when baking the family’s bread, and cooked at the front of the oven close to the flame (láng) to provide breakfast for the whole family on baking day.

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Sptead with cream cheese, it was a great treat. But times have changed, and now few Hungarians bake theif own bread. Lángos made from bread dough is now usually served only at events of a historical nature.

Hungarian lángos recipes

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At home, potato-based lángos are served at the evening meal, usually with tea, and sometimes with mulled wine. However, it is most often eaten away from home, since it is Hungary’s cheapest and most popular snack.

Lángos stalls are found wherever there are lots of people – weekly matkets and fairs, on railroad stations, on beaches, and at tourist attractions. Prospective diners are well advised to check the facilities carefully, as it is unfortunately not unknown for unsuspecting customers to be sold old, stale cakes that taste of oil or lard and are at best lukewaim, at worst cold.

Hungarian lángos recipes

Lángos with dill Flatten the piece of dough on the palm of your hand and cover with finely chopped fresh dill. Fold the cake in half, then tweak it into shape, and deep-fry.

Hungarian lángos recipes

Lángos with ewe’s milk cheese

Make a slightly thicker cake, and crumble a walnut-size piece of ewe’s milk cheese in the center. Fold the cake in half and deep-fry.

Lángos with dill and ewe’s milk cheese Season the ewe’s milk cheese with finely chopped fresh dill. Continue as shown in the previous recipe.

Langos with ham I

Pass cooked or raw ham through a grinder, and combine with sour cream to make a smooth, creamy mixture. Place 1—2 teaspoons on the center of the cake, and continue as in the ewe’s milk cheese recipe.

Langos with ham II

Make the dough with water obtained from boiling a ham instead of the milk, and add a small amount of finely chopped ham.

Hungarian lángos recipes

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