Hungarian summer menu


Asparagus soup – Spárgaleves

First make a stock using veal bones, onions, carrots, and parsnip. Then remove the bones and vegetables. Add asparagus chopped into small pieces to the stock, and cook until tender. Thicken the soup with a white roux and milk, and enrich it with sugar and egg yolk.

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Main course:

Chicken with peas – Zöldborsós csirke

Seal chicken portions in oil, and saute them in their own juices until almost cooked. Then add peas and a splash of stock, and cook until tender Thicken the juices with a roux, and season to taste with salt and finely chopped parsley. Serve with rice as an accompaniment.

hungarian menu

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Apricot cake á la grandmére – Sárgabarackos lepény á la nagyi

 hungarian menuBeat together flour, baking powder, confectioners’ sugar, butter, and stiffly beaten egg whites to form a batter. Top this with halved and pitted apricots, then sprinkle over sugar and chopped walnuts, if liked, and bake.