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Hungarian Treasures Foundation

The Foundation has been established in the autumn of  2013 to propagate the Hungarian tradition, culture, gastronomy, national values and to support the people and corporations working in these kinds of categories. Besides, we would like to create an international community with persons and corporations interested in the values of Hungary and have Hungarian roots.

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Please, support the work of the „Magyar Kincsek Hagyományőrző Alapítvány” (Hungarian Treasures Traditionalist Foundation)!

Thank You very much for your help!

With this aid, we support the Hungarian traditional organizations, artists, we release English and Hungarian language informative publications, and with the help of the Internet, we share our homeland’s wonderful values worldwide.

 The Hungarian Treasures Traditionalist Foundation

  • Publishes and shares free online and printed publications worldwide, popularizing Hungary and Hungarian traditions.
  • Doing informative activity in the topic of Hungarian traditions and values, discovers, popularizes and supports associations of Hungarian folk artists and handicrafts, traditional groups, private persons and popularize traditional Hungarian products worldwide.
  • Organizes traditionalist and Hungarian value popularization programs.

Matyo Hungarian folk art heritage

Of course all information will be published on our website according to the operative Hungarian regulations about the usage of the sponsorships.

Keeping in sight that the Foundation basically makes activities of public utility, they are trying to reach the public utility classification according to the Civilian Law. They are trying to practice the public utility related to the public tasks specified in the related laws and not excludes that other person can receive from its public services. It makes those kinds of economic and enterprising activities only, which are related to its basic and public purposes. It not divides its income made by its economy; the Foundation invests it into public utilities. The Foundation does not practice any direct political activities; its organization is independent from any parties and does not give money to them.

2014 Annual Report (in pdf format)


Contact :

Zoltan Vincze / zvincze@hdsnet.hu

Hungary, Budapest, 1155 Törökszegfű tér 2.