Hungarian pig stickers’ day in Derecske

Hungarian pig stickers’ day in Derecske


On the pigsticker’s day in Derecske twenty teams have competed this year – more than ever. Sándor Fazekas, the Minister of Rural Development, and the main patron of the pig stickers’ day have appraised the caring of the pig-slaughter habits in the first place. He have highlighted that more and more member of the youth are latching on the traditional livestock production.

The people of Derecske have stabbed, parched, frittered on Saturday on the marketplace, whilst in the tents blood with onion has been made. According to the traditions the pálinka and the glogg was couldn’t have been missed in the pig slaughter of the Hajdú-Bihar country city. There were people, who have made the glogg in kettles.

As Csaba Krizsán have said about the glogg: “It is boiled on fire, and everything that God has given us is in it, and there is something we have added in too. This is warms the soul of the man, and everyone, whoever is cold, can come here and take a gulp.”

István Bakó, the major of the city has said on the opening of the competition: “Competitors have come to the pig slaughter competition from all across the Carpathian basin, furthermore here is a delegation from the Polish sister city of Derecske.” According to the residents the tastiest pork is the one that have come from the Hajdúság.


The teams have cut the pigs in the morning, and after the traditional haulm parching the processing of the pig have started. For breakfast blood with onion has made, there were someone, who has made nut and marmalade flavored fat noodle on place.

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