Kaiser goulash


• 600 g calf crop
• 50 g bacon
• 50 g bacon • 1 stock-cube
• 50 g lemon
• 1,5 dl sour cream
• 20 g flour
• 5 g sugar
• salt, grained pepper, caper

Boil the stock-cube in 4dl water. Chop the bacon into small cubes, the calf into 1,5 * 1,5 cm cubes, and slice the lemon. Simmer the bacon, and add the onion to it. When the onion is gilt, add the meat, and stir it, when it sears on its grease. Add the salt the pepper, and the caper, the lemon slices and under the topper boil it half ready.

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Remove the lemon, and add the soup made from the cube. Boil it 20 minutes under topping, until it almost soft. When the meat stews, make the liaison (stir the sour cream and the flour until it has no knots), with which you have to thicken the meat and mature it. After that, add the seasoning (salt, pepper, lemon juice, sugar). For side dish we suggest croquet, and bread dumpling.

HUNGARIAN GOULASH SECRETS – The heritages of the Hungarian paprika

I think the Hungarian foods with paprika are one of the most important components of the country’s spiritual and cuisine heritages. I can say that is the organic part of our folk culture, a heritage that we must improve, save, care of, secure and is an important part of Europe’s variegation. This is the only place on the Earth where this kind of foods is made, so we hope that one day this will be the part of the World Heritages.goulash-soup-250698 pixa n

The secret is simple: the unique and simple combination of fat, onion, paprika powder, salt and the fresh meat and the boiling with more or less liquid. Needn’t to waste more time to it, the magic makes itself in the Hungarians pot, which comes from the Árpád-era (from the 9th to the 13th century), the kettle.

It is well known, that the paprika in this form came to our cuisine 150 years ago, but as we use it, the cast of mind, the creativity, the innovation makes it Hungarian without a doubt.