Great Plain style goulash soup

Goulash soup recipe

Simmer the finely chopped onion until it becomes glassy. Add the red paprika, and the diced meat with frequent stirring. Water it; add the salt, pepper and the other seasonings. The characteristic of the real Hungarian goulash is the vegetables are chopped longish; the potato is chopped into dices, which is added only when the meat begins to getting soft.

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Ingredients (8 capita)

1 kg beef

0.8 kg grease
3 big head onion
4 teaspoons red paprika
1 kg potato
2-2 green paprika and tomato
3-3 carrot and parsley
garlic to taste
separately made “csipetke”


HUNGARIAN GOULASH SECRETS The heritages of the Hungarian paprika

The paprikás is a simple food; most of the housewives make this. Boil the grease on middle fire (if possible, use fat or cooking oil – the butter or the olive is not good!). Parch the diced onion (not minced, not filed or dried), powder it with paprika, and add the cut up fresh meat immediately, mix it, and with adding some liquid (water, wine, beer, bone soup, meat soup, vegetable soup) steam it until it’s ready. Stir it carefully, do not break the meat, and water it to avoid catching into the pot…


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