Chicken goulash

Chicken goulash – Ingredients (4 capita)

  • 0.6 kg chicken giblets                           chicken goulash
  • 0.1 kg carrots
  • 0.5 kg parsley
  • 0.2 kg celery
  • 0.2 kg kohlrabi
  • 0.5 kg mushroom
  • 0.15 kg savoy cabbage
  • 0.20 kg potato
  • 0.2 kg green paprika
  • 0.2 kg tomato
  • 0.2 kg oil
  • 0.5 kg onion
  • 5 g grained red paprika
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 coffee spoon caraway
  • 1 coffee spoon marjoram


Wash the meat and chop it into small pieces. Clean all the vegetables, and dice them.

Preparation: make a stew base using the oil, onion and the red paprika. Sear the chicken giblets, the chopped vegetables and the chipped mushroom in it. Add 2 liters of warm water, the salt, the caraway, the marjoram and the smashed garlic, and boil it to soft. According to the traditional Hungarian goulash recipe, add the cleaned, chopped potato, savoy cabbage, and boil it to ready.

Best Hungarian Cookery Book

HUNGARIAN GOULASH SECRETS The preparation of the cattle stew and the goulash

…the strictly regular preparation of the goulash is as the herds (gulyás) made, that is the name come from. This way gives the most tasty goulash soup, but also this is the easiest way. Add the meat and the onion in the kettle, and water it in the beginning, and put it on the fire. You can add the red paprika immediately, but adding the salt and paprika is the best when it’s boiling. When the meat is getting soft, add the potato to boil together. That’s all, who has no time to prepare the goulash, and doesn’t want much unwashed dishes, try this way…