Beer goulash

Beer goulash – goulash soup


1,5 kg leg (beef)

2 onion

2 gloves of garlic

2 green paprika

2-3 tomato

2 liter pale ale

1 kg potato



red paprika


Chop the meat and the potato cubic, slice the green pepper and the tomato, and smash the garlic. On a little oil sear the chopped onion, and add the red paprika, and the garlic, and stir it.

goulash soup

Add the meat, stir it a few times, and stew it in its juice for a few minutes. Add the seasoning, and add the green paprika, the tomato, and water it with the beer. When the meat is half soft, add the potato, and boil them until the soup gets ready.

GOULASH SECRETS! The preparation of the cattle stew and the goulash

The classical regulation of the cattle stew: parch the onion on grease in a kettle. Get off the kettle from the fire, and add a part of the paprika to it, then add the meat. Return it onto the fire; add the water carefully and boil it until it is necessary. The best is to salt in the beginning of the boiling, the only seasoning that you can add bravely is the red paprika. The paprika’s remaining part must be added just before the food is almost done.

If you do this way, the cattle stew will be surely tasty and will never disappoint you, at most, it could be over salted, but you can but you can help it with watering the juice of the stew. The unique style of the cook masters and the local habits could be differing this way, there are whale of methods of preparing the stew.

In Makó, for example, in the wedding stew or the summering stew the paprika is added only in the end. In this way, the juice will be pepper pot like, but as great as the paprika would have been boiled with it. But the red paprika is put in the beginning as well.


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