Tisza Expo Rendezvényszolgáltató Kft. – Introduction

Tisza Expo Kft. means an organiser team with more than two decades of experience. Our work can be divided into two main fields. One is the professional planning and construction of events for businesses, local governments, the city management. Besides executing ideas of others we also organise our own programs.

It is our mission to introduce festival audience to products of Hungarian small businesses and craftsmen, to make traditional food and drinks available for those who attend our programs. We put great emphasis on productions that include Hungarian folk music and dance.

After the nation wide succes of the Toros and Pálinkafesztivál we decided in 2011 to reach abroad with our programs to Romania, Croatia, Belgium. In 2012 Hungarikum Festival was held in Tilburg. We are proud to have visited the Netherlands again in 2013, setting up a great Hungarian taste cavalkade of food in the National Park where locals and Hungarians living there could meet. We are determined to continou with festivals in Hungary and abroad as well. Our priority for now is London based on those many feedbacks that there is a need for it there.