The Kaleidoscope Heritage Club – Toronto

The Kaleidoscope Heritage Club (KHC) was founded in 2010 as a non for profit organization to encourage people of Hungarian heritage and any other interested persons to share knowledge about Hungary and the Carpathian Basin, their culture, and the Canadian-Hungarian experience among its members and the wider community; to enjoy social opportunities; and to foster a sense of community and cultural identity.

kalejdBobita plakat

Listed below are some of the things we have done in the past to meet our educational, social, and humanitarian goals.

  • Encourage among Canadians, particularly Canadians of Hungarian ancestry, an interest in and knowledge of the Hungarian as well as Canadian traditions in their cultural heritage.
  • Join together for social and civic activities sustaining the originality, value and joy of Hungarian customs and traditions and their compatibility with Canadian history and culture.
  • Give organized welcome in Toronto to artists, scholars, statesmen, writers, musicians and other proponents of Canadian-Hungarian culture.
  • Promote understanding and unity among Canadians of all ethnic backgrounds.
  • Helping seniors in needs.


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122 Silas Hill Drive
Toronto, On, M2J 2X9, Canada