Some spectacular photos from Budapest – this is how a photographer from Barcelona sees the city

Gauvin, 26 is a professional photographer, who currently lives in Barcelona. He’s a real traveler, he has been worked in several big cities of Europe, his passions are the architecture and the urbanism. In Barcelona he works as a local tourist guide, freelance photographer and doing outdoor photography classes and photowalks.

“I was in Budapest in May, I spent 3 days in the city and it is really beautiful.” – told Gauvin to the

“The city is beautiful, rich in history, cheap and very exciting. I found the Metro line 3’s cold war feeling very interesting and the streets, which compared to Barcelona streets, was desertic for me, but I have really enjoyed the visit. I love the architecture, I love photographing, so for me Budapest is one of the best places in Europe to live for my passion. I can recommend it to every tourist, this is a city, that demands your attention. The best East-European city, that I have ever seen!”

The cold war metro 3, and the public transport of Budapest in general

The people of the streets. Some of the well known tourist sites – from a different angle

If you would like to see more photos, you can find them in Gauvin’s blog, check them out: